Follow me to the Fediverse

The last few weeks on Twitter has been a wild ride! Since I can’t relay my fediverse info there anymore, I’ll put it here on my own site. I recently started self-hosting my own fediverse instance from a server (using GoToSocial) in my own home, so you can now follow me by copying any of these handles into the search field of the fediverse server you have joined:

Accounts in high demand

Due to the extraordinary wave of refugees fleeing from Twitter to the Fediverse, many servers are getting so much traffic that they can’t keep up. Many servers can be slow at times and some has also temporarily closed their sign-up forms while they do maintanance and upgrades. Be patient and keep at it, new servers are popping up every day and some of the established ones are opening up to new users after improving their infrastructure.

A good place to start is, but if you have someone in your social circle that has joined the Fediverse already, they might be able to give you an invited to the server they are on.

See you on the other side!

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